About Diversity

Diversity Products develops new ideas that solve problems.Diversity Products develops new ideas that solve problems, save time and save money. All our products are manufactured in the UK, so we can guarantee high quality, durability and long life performance.Diversity was formed in 2009 as an associate company to a long established construction and engineering company, which has operated in the fabrication industry since 1991.

Since 2009, Diversity has developed and launched 3 brands and over 20 products nationally in the UK.

Renamed Diversity Products in 2011, the company put in place a structure to develop further product innovations as well as driving distribution of its products overseas.

The company uses reputable, experienced and long established manufacturing partners in both the UK and Austria, to produce tried and tested, high quality products.

Our Austrian manufacturer is a specialist in the production of high pressure laminates. These robust panels have been used to decorate and protect buildings across Europe for years. Diversity Products is the only company to use the panels to make exterior furniture - the tried and tested material has a life in excess of 30 years (certified in independent tests).

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Our UK manufacturing partner is located in South Yorkshire. They are specialists in the metal fabrication of a wide variety of products, on site installation and building construction - commercial and domestic.

The company has its own powder coating plant, which provides a hardwearing, decorative finish that ordinary spray paints don’t . Galvanising prior to powder coating results in an even more durable finish, and is particularly relevant for products which will be in contact with the ground or high levels of water.