No More Props is only available to buy direct from Diversity Products. You can go on our online shop and place an order today.

No More Props has many benefits over traditional props, but the main ones are :-

  • You will have the job done in about half the time, so you can finish the work quicker and, if you are a professional builder, quote more competitively .
  • There are no obstructions where you are working, making the job easier.
  • There is no propping to ground, which is time consuming when working on upper floors, and consequently no need for a Temporary Work Certificate.
  • There is no repair work /patching up after the job is done.

No More Props is supplied with a Mortar Cut Measuring Tool. Providing you can run the tool along the slot without obstruction, then the mortar cut is wide enough. There is also an engraved line on the Measuring Tool which tells you how deep the cut needs to be – just check this is lined up with the wall.

This depends on the job you are doing. If you are installing two separate lintels, one on the inside wall and one on the outside, you can take No More Props out, once the exterior lintel is installed, and re-use it to install the interior lintel....so you would only need 1 No More Props. If you are installing a lintel in a cavity wall, then you would need to use 2 No More Props units at the same time.

When you have installed No More Props in the exterior wall, and have knocked out the opening, the inner wall skin is clearly visible. You just need to make a hole, or knock out a brick, to be able to locate the correct mortar course to install No More Props in the interior wall.

In this situation, it is best to install No More Props one course of brickwork above the place where you are going to install the permanent lintel, instead of directly above it.

No. The product has to rest on a “shoulder” of wall at each of its sides. A wider opening would not provide this, unless the opening had a dividing pillar, or one that could form a temporary support.

No. No More Props and Tight Space work differently in response to load and have been designed specifically for their purpose. They cannot be inverted – this would result in product failure and risk to safety.

No. You will be able to lift No More Props out of the wall with ease when you have inserted slate packing into the slots provided. You will, however, need to slacken the bolts before re-using No More Props.

No More Props is a very robust piece of equipment to ensure it safely and securely supports the wall above. (The weight of each tool is clearly marked on the product). It is, therefore, advised that two people lift No More Props into position. All the other tasks involved with its installation – cutting out the mortar bed, measuring the cut slot, tightening the tension bars and knocking through can be carried out by one person.

The largest No More Props size is 2.7m in length and is suitable for installing a 2.3m permanent lintel over a 2m opening. We have not developed a larger size than this as the weight of the unit would be higher than 50kg, which is greater than the maximum of 25kg per person for a “two man lift” product like No More Props.

No, but you can buy them from us, either on our website shop or by contacting our offices direct.