About Endurance

Endurance innovative outdoor furniture Endurance innovative outdoor furniture  Endurance innovative outdoor furniture

Endurance is an innovation in outdoor furniture. It looks and feels exactly like wood, having all its attractive, natural features - wood grain, knots and colour fluctuations.  But Endurance doesn’t have any of the disadvantages of wood. This is because the panels used to make  Endurance furniture  are made using a special process.

The panels are primarily made of wood that is processed into “kraft paper”. The wood  accumulates as a by-product during logging, or in saw mills. The “kraft paper” is then impregnated with resin, dried, and pressed at high pressure, into highly durable and moisture-resistant panels. This results in a product that, when used to make outdoor furniture..…..

  • is resistant to all weather Surface texture, Impregnated overlay, Impregnated decorative surface, Impregnated layer or kraft paper
  • doesn’t rot
  • doesn’t fade or discolour in the sun
  • won’t scratch or stain
  • is graffiti cleanable with solvents
  • doesn’t twist or warp in heat   
  • doesn’t crack in the frost
  • is extremely hard and durable  
  • resists impacts and doesn’t bend
  • has no splinters or sharp edges
  • doesn’t need any maintenance

As a result, Endurance furniture has a 30 Year Life, and a further 20 Year Life Expectancy (certified in independent tests).  

Endurance is ideal for commercial use - its extensive life reduces massively the ongoing costs of maintenance and refurbishment for businesses. Consequently, our furniture has been supplied to pub chains, theme parks, sporting venues and schools across the country.

Endurance products are ideal for commercial use  Endurance products are ideal for retail use  Endurance products are ideal for school use