About Hardball

Hardball Sliding Sight Screens on Runners are a new and innovative alternative to traditional sight screens, which have a tendency to blow over and become damaged in windy weather, and can be difficult to move into position.
Hardball Sliding Sight Screens are fitted onto galvanised and powder coated runners, which are of highly durable, longlasting construction and resistant to all weather. They can run in a straight line or be curved to follow the cricket ground boundary.

Hardball sight screen on runners Hardball sight screens on runners Hardball sight screens on runners

Hardball Runners have specially designed tracks, which allow Hardball Sight Screens to glide along them, making it easy for one man to change the Sight Screen position. The Sight Screens have a multi wheel runner mechanism, which grips the tracks of the Hardball Runners, allowing them to be easily slid back and forth. When not in use, Hardball Sight Screens can be locked in position, so they cannot be removed by vandals or unauthorised personnel.

Hardball sight screens are installed by specialised teamsAll Hardball equipment is produced in the UK and installed by a specialist team, who have extensive experience in manufacturing and installing structures that have to be built to last.

Every cricket ground’s requirements are different, so the first step, when we receive any Hardball enquiry, is an on site visit. This not only allows the customer to tell us exactly what they want and where, but also allows Diversity to fully assess the cricket ground.

The whole process from order placement, to manufacture of components, to on site installation, takes approximately 6 weeks.