Hardball Sliding Sight Screens are only available to buy direct from Diversity Products. If you click on the “Enquiry” tab below the product you’re interested in, then a member of the Diversity Team will respond to your enquiry with prices, delivery/installation lead times or any other information you need.

Hardball Sight Screens have numerous benefits – here are just a few :-
- Because the Sight Screens run on wheels inside a running track, which is part of a very robust frame structure, they don’t blow over in windy conditions.
- The wheels/running track design makes it very easy to slide the Sight Screen back and forth into the desired location. This is a “one man” operation.
- When not in use, the Sight Screens can be bolted into a fixed position on the running track, meaning they cannot be removed by vandals.

Diversity’s production partner does all the installation work. They have many years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of outdoor equipment, such as MUGA’s (multi usage games areas), skateboard parks, children's playgrounds, etc.