Why Use

Hardball Cricket Ground Equipment

Cricket ground equipment has to stand up to tough conditions - pounded by cricket balls, battered by strong winds and lashing rain during the months outside the cricket season and at risk of vandalism !
Poor quality equipment can soon end up looking like this...

Strong winds can decade normal screens Normal screens and runners can be vulnerable to vandalism

With funds being difficult to raise by cricket clubs and there being many priorities on which these need to be spent, it is essential that investments are for the long term and not just for 1 or 2 years.

Hardball cricket ground equipment is built by engineers who have extensive experience in manufacturing and installing structures that have to be built to last.....such as outdoor playgrounds, skate parks and street furniture.

Hardball products carry a 25 YEAR guarantee on the structural integrity of the steelwork and a 5 YEAR guarantee on all powder coated surfaces.

Hardball Sight Screens and Runners are secured and cary a 25 year guarantee

And Hardball offers 2 After Sales Support Services to Cricket Clubs :-

  • Spare or Replacement Parts
  • On Site Refurbishments