Endurance furniture is only available to buy direct from Diversity Products. If you click on the “Enquiry” tab below the furniture items you’re interested in, then a member of the Diversity Team will respond to your enquiry with prices, delivery lead times or any other information you need.

No. You only need to wash the surfaces with warm water and a mild detergent to keep them looking like new for years.

No. Like all powder coated metal frames, jet washing will remove the paintwork. As Endurance furniture has galvanised steel or aluminium frames, they won’t rust, even if they are jet washed, but they don’t look as good with paint missing in parts.

Endurance furniture is not affected by any weather conditions – frost, ice, snow, very cold temperatures, heavy rain, etc, etc. So it can be left outside all through the winter. In the summer, Endurance furniture is not affected by the sun – it doesn’t fade in UV light and doesn’t warp in the heat, unlike plastic outdoor furniture.

The range of Endurance colours and finishes is so extensive that it is impossible to keep a sample of every item in every colour. That’s why we have created a “Design Planning Suite” on our website, so our customers can look at all our Endurance furniture items, with any combination of surface colours/finishes and frames.

All Endurance furniture is designed and manufactured in the UK – not off the peg imports. We can therefore design virtually any furniture item with a steel or aluminium frame and special Endurance surfaces.